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Our Committees


Below you will find an overview of the member make-up of Florint’s Direction Committee (executive board) as well as our various other committees and taskforces.


 Direction Committee (Board) 
Mark Ward Florint PresidentBFA (UK)
Heinrich GöllnerVice-PresidentFDF (Germany)
Simon Ogrizek AdviserSCV Florist (Slovenia)
Marco MaasseMember VBW (Netherlands)
Robert MilkowskiMember SFP (Poland)
Brian Wills-PopeMember BFA (UK)
 Technical Committee (TC) 
Tracy TomlinsonTC President BFA (UK)
Ferenc KruzsliczMember Florint
Karolina Ładyżyńska-SkrzypekMember SFP (Poland)
Linda EisingMember VBW (Netherlands)
Thomas RatschkerHead of Judging TeamFlorint
 EU Affairs Committee 
Helmuth Prinz Member FDF (Germany)
Brian Wills-Pope Member BFA (UK)
 Communication Committee 
Jonas Zwitserlood Member Florint
Heinrich GöllnerMember FDF (Germany)
 Education Committee 
Heinrich Göllner Member FDF (Germany)
Simon Ogrizek        Member SCV Florist (Slovenia)
Robert MilkowskiMemberSFP (Poland)
 Commercial Task Force 
Mark Ward               PresidentBFA (UK)
Marco MaasseMember VBW (Netherlands)
Jonas ZwitserloodMemberFlorint

 Member Relations Task Force 
Simon OgrizekMemberSCV Florist (Slovenia)
Brian Wills-PopeMember BFA (UK)

For any questions, comments or information requests you may have, please see this page to view the different ways in which you can contact us.

You can click the button below for more information about how to become a member of Florint, or use the drop-down menu on the blue bar at the top of this page to navigate our website.


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